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UNFI East Item Numbers:
Blueberry: 100097-5
Blood Orange: 100099-1
Green Tea: 073851-8
Lemon Tea: 073893-0
Lemon Ginger: 073941-7
Peach Tea: 119116-2

UNFI West Item Numbers:
Blueberry: 01483
Blood Orange: 01484
Green Tea: 01480
Lemon Tea: 01481
Lemon Ginger: 01482
Peach Tea: 00571

KeHe/ Tree of Life Item Numbers:
Blueberry: 00043280
Blood Orange: 00043283
Green Tea: 00043288
Lemon Tea: 00043286
Lemon Ginger: 00043285
Peach Tea: Coming Soon

Nature's Best Item Numbers:
Blueberry: 457424
Blood Orange: 457432
Green Tea: 457457
Lemon Tea: 457440
Lemon Ginger: 457473
Peach Tea: 692806

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