Over the past decade, the honeybee population has been diminishing at an alarming rate due to a mysterious phenomenon known as Colony Collapse Disorder. Although a definitive cause is not yet known, many experts point to an array of possibilities including increased pesticide use, damage from hive-infesting mites, and stress caused by the agricultural industry. Honeybees pollinate ⅓ of all the produce we consume, including 90% of apples and oranges and 100% of almonds grown in the U.S., making them an integral member of our ecosystem and food chain.

Honeydrop began the Buy a Bottle– Save a Bee initiative in 2011 as an answer to this global epidemic. For each bottle sold, Honeydrop will donate proceeds to carefully selected local beekeepers across the country in order to build hives, increase the bee population, and fight against Colony Collapse Disorder. Click below to meet the beekeepers!

Meet the Beekeepers!

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