The Honeydrop Credo

"From the bee to the bottle" At Honeydrop we love honey and we love bees! That's why we blend raw U.S. honey and all of its deliciousness in our cold pressed lemonades. We also support our beekeeping community by donating 1% of proceeds to beekeeping assoications to build beehives and fight against CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder). Want to help us do even more? Check out our Save the Bees campaign!

Honeydrop's Story

Our products were created with wellness in mind. Founder David Luks began studying the benefits of a paleo lifestyle after being diagnosied with cancer. He handpicked unrefined ingredients that both taste great AND support your health. The result? Honeydrop... a line of low sugar lemonades you can feel good about drinking.

Where can I get some!?

Whole Foods, Erewhon, Fairway, Fresh Direct, Gourmet Garage, Union Market, Mrs Greens, Kings, Harris Teeter, Kowalski's, Gelson's, Berkely Bowl and many many more

Why Honey?

Where do we start? Raw honey naturally contains antioxidents and micronutrients. Additionaly raw honey has been shown to soothe sore throats, aid in sleep disorders and help sustain energy better vs highly refined sugars. Now that's sweet!

What is in Honeydrop?

Using raw honey + a dash of stevia, Honeydrop is a line of cold pressed (NEVER HEATED) lemonades that contain just 4g of sugar per bottle, while crafted with fresh ingredients such as lemons, apples, turmeric root, passionfruit and more. You're sure to find one you love....... or love them all, like us!

Cold-pressed huh?

Yes! Honeydrop beverages are all cold-pressed, meaning are liquids are never heated above 45 degrees. Why does this matter? Well, cold-pressing our lemonades allows them to retain their natural enzymes, nutrients and vitamins! Traditional juices are often flash pasteurized at temperatures from 181 - 240 degrees which kills nutrients and taste!

What is CBD?

Derived from the hemp plant, the CBD oil used in Honeydrop has been found to have lots of health benefits. Studies have shown results like reduced inflammation, better sleep quality, skin benefits and reduced joint pain in CBD users. We notice that our overall mood improves too! Also, CBD is legal and ingesting it through our products will not show up on a drug test. So drink up, relax, and enjoy the finest quality ingredients, now + HEMP!

Where is Honeydrop made?

We hand craft our cold pressed lemonades in Connecticut